Re: Guidelines For Adhesions(Karla)

From: Peggy (
Fri Jun 9 08:11:49 2000

At Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Karla wrote:

>HI Karla,

I haven't posted much but read the forum daily, I am sorry to see that you feel you must leave the forum at a time where so much support is needed.Please don't allow the negative postings to push you away from here. I at one time felt that there was too much negativity being posted and did the same thing as you are doing,(Removing myself from the list) But when I really thought about it I realized that if it wasn't for the support that I recieved from this forum I would have been alone in dealing with my adhesion problems.My family doesn't understand what I have been going through,although they try. But the people on this forum have been and knew exactly what I was going through .I came to realize that the forum was a life saver for me I was not alone anymore.I couldn't believe when I found the forum and started reading everyones stories it was like they were talking about ME.I have learned sooo much from everyone here and Thank God for David Wiseman for creating a place where we "ARE NOT ALONE" Please rethink things before cutting yourself off from all the support. Good Luck with you surgery I hope that all goes well and you have pain free days."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

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