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From: Sis (
Sun Jun 11 08:58:53 2000

At Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Deborah & Jean-Marc wrote: >
>May 2, 2000, I left the forum feeling defeated and lost to have my 19th
>I return to all of you today looking for "HOPE". I am sending my story
>from the "quilt"
>to share with all of you............Thank you in advance for your advice,
>and friendship.
>I am 33 years old. I have had 18 surgical procedures since the age of 21.
>The last 8 of 9 surgeries were due to bowel obstructions caused by
>adhesions(gallbladder also removed). In '99 I underwent 3 surgeries, the
>last one, for a bowel obstructions, was in Dec. I am now experiencing signs
>of a (partial) bowel obstruction, severe vomiting, lower abdominal cramping,
>and minor bloating. The only option presented to me thus far is yet another

I can only offer my prayers for you. I am so sorry and I know how frustrating this all can be. I am also praying for a miracle so that I can go on vacation with my husband and children in July to Colorado. I am 30 and unable to even go out to eat with my family. But I do believe in the power of prayer. If you would like to talk my e-mail address is I always have an open ear.]


>surgery, something I would, needless to say, like to avoid. In Jan 2000 I >had to close my retail store, due to poor health. The store had been open >for 2 1/2 years. It had been my life dream to have my own store, sharing >with my clients giftware from all over the world, antiques, French linens, >jewelry and my own artwork (pottery & paintings). We (my husband and I) had >worked so hard to make that store a success. The last year was terribly >difficult for myself and for my family. I had emergency surgery in June, >which resulted in an 8 week hospital stay. In the operating room I was given >an epidermal to be used for pain blocking for after I woke up from the >surgery. During this procedure the doctor punctured the "Dhura", which >resulted in severe 'spinal' head-aches when I awoke from surgery. The first >week in hospital I had to stay in bed and under go a "blood patch" to stop >the (spinal?) fluid from leaking. This resulted in having another partial >obstruction, and having to have NG tubes to stop me from vomiting, then >another tube to feed me. I left the hospital in late July, only to return >again to emergency on August 28,'99 (My Wedding Day!!!) with incapacitating >abdominal pain. I was given a 6 hour pass to get married. A couple of days >later I had my Gall Bladder removed (another 3 weeks in hospital). November >came and I was in hospital again with another partial bowel obstruction. My >surgeon did not think I would be strong enough to have another surgery so >soon, so I was in hospital with a NG tube and heavy narcotics for 2 weeks. >On Dec 07 I returned to hospital. Surgery was performed but this time when I >woke up my digestive system had stopped functioning and my bowel went into >severe spasms. I stayed in hospital for almost 1 month, and was investigated >by several "specialists". One so called GI "specialist" thought that I >should have an IV put into my neck for 6 months to feed me. Another doctor >suggested that a psychiatrist see me,..... my mental state was now being >questioned for.. "it was not possible to have so much pain and require so >many surgeries, just for adhesions... it must be in my head".That was the >"last straw"...those words almost broke me. Some days I feel like I'm going >crazy......I can't stand the idea of going back to hospital, to be cut open >again...I don't want all of those horrible drugs put into my body. I want my >life back! I want to be healthy for my children, my husband, and for me. In >September my husband and I want to hike the "West Coast Trail", for our >"honeymoon" that we missed last year, because of my being sick. I need to >get strong and healthy for this! I am desperately searching for any >alternative or advice that may be offered. Already, it is some psychological >solace to have found this Society and to find out that I am not alone!! >Thank you! >UPDATE: May 3, 2000 Emergency Laparotomy In less than 4 months >adhesions returned covering my abdominal wall. All loops of bowel twisted, >and one loop, in the pelvis, of the small bowel was completely twisted >around over 180 degrees. I am now 4 weeks post-op. I am in constant pain. >The surgeon thinks the bowel has twisted again. Now what do I do?????

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