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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Fri Jun 9 22:01:02 2000

( Bev has to just laugh at Sherry Perry....) And group hug it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) >From one end of the world to the other...hey, why don't we all just " stick together!! " after all, the family that sweats together..sticks together or is it, a family with adhesions sticks together...anyway..I like the group huggy thing!!??"
Have a great one Sherry Perry!!! :-) :-)

And don't forget to share how wonderful Dr. Daneills of tennesee is. What a wonderful DR. to talk to!!! So willing to assist Mary Pomroy of willing to reach out to her or any other ARDsufferer, wonderful person! Thank-you for sharing him with me Sherry!! :-)

In friendship Bev

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From: George Perry To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 8:16 PM Subject: Re: Karla

Well Said Beverly.

Why doesn't everyone just agree to disagree sometimes. I know things were said and feelings were hurt, but how about just forgiving each other and getting past this. You know what this means don't you? We're acting like family or something.

Okay on the count of three...



Let's forgive and forget and get on with being there for each other!

Man, I love you guys! :-)

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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 8:47 AM Subject: Re: Karla

Dearest Karla.. I share Sherry's sentiments...You are fighting a very, very tough battle right now and support will get you through the months you will be spending in the hospital in Chicago starting July 12th!! Even as ill and tired as you are, my dear friend, ...YOU must try to rise above everything that might sway you away from here, as YOU, among all of us, will need this forum to help you pull through.

Folks, Karla will be in spending months in the hospital hundreds of miles from home! First she will be going into her very serious surgery ALONE...that means no family or friends present for the surgeons to walk out to after her surgery to talk to, no one to be there in the event there is a complication, no one she knows who will look at when she wakes up in her one she knows to hold her hand or rub her arm, no one to smooth her hair back and tell her they least no one she will know!!! BUT over the course of her healing and her rehabilitation..Karla will need all of us, as her ONLY life line home ( and that means this forum too ) will be her computer!!!

Karla, you rest from this stuff, please keep in mind that most everyone on this forum is suffering, is tired, is desperate and frightened!! I would suspect that at one time or another, we all have been a bit testy on here, I know I have been and it has never been directed at any one individual, but due to the number of persons reaching our to one another through the IAS forum, and those different personalities, it is so easy to react to something said, something interpreted wrong, something taken personally, when it wasn't meant that way..that is life on the web I guess! But is it a reason for those, like you Karla, to leave this forum? Each person here has a choice to speak up and to stay here, of course they do, and each choice can be respected...whether we agree with the opinions or not, we MUST respect them. We can elect to respond or not, and if we elect to make a statement, we can expect to be challenged on that statement..all that IS okay! That IS freedom of speech and thought..but is that reason to back out of badly needed support?

This forum is not about personality' is about saving lives and educating...everyonce and awhile we will be challenged in the course of that, it is okay to be challenged..and we will all be learning how to communicate effectivly through trial and error, and being that this is a multiple listing's email forum, we will all be somewhat involed in things like that...but lets rise above any differences and move on to the so badly needed words of support to each other....simply a suggestion to all of us.

Again..only that individual can make that decision..only they know how much they need or want to utilize this forum, only they know if they need us.....I respect Karla's decision to remove herself from here...but I will ask her this...

Re-think your reason for that! If it is simply because YOU want to leave, then leave, but if it is due to extenuating circumstances due to others opinions and personalities...please think for a moment that this forum offers freedom of speech for all...and in the event we are challenged in that...understand that that is what this country stands on and what was fought for so many times over many years!! It is okay to challenge, to speak up, to be desperate and it is okay to be support, sympathetic and offer love and a hand of support and understanding to one another....that is what we are all about here in the IAS forum...understanding those who are suffering, frightened, tired and who need each other no matter what.

Sherry, you too deserve a chance to receive support, and you know to receive respect is to give any of us who may feel challenges, put down or whatever but another member, can go to that person personally to communicate or displeasure with them...and at times we lose sight of that, again misdirected anger and reactions, we all do it, don't we?? Sherry might want to stay with us and she might still need does Karla, so does Igor and even me, Bev need all of you precious, dear, suffering people...this is OUR group, all of us , and it is about time we have this type of communication, support, education and be able to shout to the world about our disease ADHESION RELATED DISEASE!!!!

Lets all rise above whatever happened on here...and move on to help the IAS forum grow in numbers and spread the word...gain the knowledge about ARD that will ultimately save lives....and among those lives to be saved is yours..all of US here today, and those who are yet to show up shocked that we are here, relived that we are here...and they too will cry from sheer happiness and hopefulness that they too found this group!!

That is the future of this forum continue to save lives......and that will take all of us and our experiences... IF we so choose to give that!!!

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From: Sherry Marie <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 7:20 AM Subject: RE: Karla

> Karla, First I want to wish you the best of luck with your surgery. You
> are right, you need all your strength to go into such a serious surgery.
> I have been away from the board and have recently come back. I come to
> this support group for just that, support. I want to offer you my
> support if you ever need someone to talk to or if you need someone to
> pray with. This forum has so much potential. I have benefited in my
> fight with adhesions by knowing there are other people going through the
> same things I am. I really hope you will reconsider staying. I need
> your support. Here is part of a little prayer that helps me make it
> through tough times. Father, I am well aware I can't make it on my own.
> So take my hand, and hold it tight, for I can't walk alone! Your friend,
> Sherry Marie

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