Hello Lynne!

From: Nancy E. Hale (nanny@mailserv.nbnet.nb.ca)
Sat Jun 10 19:40:43 2000

And welcome to the board. I'm sure everyone will agree that we know what you are talking about when you say you're getting frustrated with your doctor. My family doctor will not prescribe anything stronger than Ibuprofen for me, she just keeps raising the daily dose. And as I mentioned in my last post, the surgeon she referred me to for treatment of my pelvic adhesions told me point blank "adhesions don't cause pain". I felt like replying "And bears don't s*** in the woods and the Pope is Jewish," but I kept my mouth shut and took his advice - which turned out to cause me more pain than I was already in. I am now waiting to hear back from my family doctor about a second referral.

I also think you may be right on being better off with your hot water bottle, as it is easier to cuddle than a TENS unit ;) Cuddling is something I find comforting, even if it doesn't ease the pain, but I usually cuddle a cat.

God bless and ease your pain.

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