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From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sun Jun 11 17:41:09 2000


The Women's Surgery Group is comprised of 13 Gynecologic surgeons located around the world who have exceptional skill and experience in laparoscopic surgery for gynecologic conditions. Members of our group have expertise in a wide variety of gynecologic surgical procedures, ranging from reconstructive pelvic surgery for infertility to gynecologic cancer operations. This also includes virtually every common gynecologic surgical procedure. Collectively, we have performed over 70,000 laparoscopic procedures and have taught these techniques to thousands of gynecologists around the world. Every day, thousands of women undergo gynecologic surgery. Unfortunately, many are unaware that their surgery might be accomplished laparoscopically, thereby affording them a shortened and less painful recovery. The physicians of the Womens' Surgery Group hope you find this site helpful and informative


The physicians who originated the Women's Surgery Group have been involved with laparoscopic gynecologic surgery for many years. Our group is proud to include surgeons who are widely regarded as pioneers in the field of gynecologic laparoscopy. Collectively we have performed over 70,000 laparoscopic procedures. We have been involved in the development of laparoscopic techniques and equipment that have enhanced the gynecologists' abilities in laparoscopic surgery. As a result of the cooperation and dialogue between our members and gynecologic surgeons throughout the United States (as well as Europe, South America, and Asia), women undergoing gynecologic surgery enjoy the benefits of the laparoscopic approach in an ever-increasing variety of surgical procedures. Although our members have no financial alliance or professional association, we share an intense interest in gynecologic laparoscopy and a desire to educate "healthcare providers", insurers, patients, and physicians about the benefits of laparoscopic surgery. Procedures discussed in this web site should only be performed by gynecologists specifically trained, skilled, and experienced in these techniques.

Unfortunately, most gynecologic surgical procedures in the United States are still performed via laparotomy. We hope that, with time and education, the benefits of laparoscopic techniques will be available to a majority of women undergoing gynecologic surgery.

WSG Policy Statement : The medical information available in this website represents the carefully-considered opinions of the physicians involved, based on their knowledge and experience. It is NOT applicable to all patients or all physicians. Anyone visiting this or other related medical sites should discuss symptoms, findings, and alternatives with their personal gynecologist. Most state laws prohibit the practice of telemedicine unless the involved physician is licensed in that state.

We do not provide the user with a "medical opinion", that is the pervue of your personal physician. Our goal is to EDUCATE the user, to provide some guidelines in dealing with specific concerns, and to indicate alternative options you might consider or discuss with your physician. The user is encouraged to consult their personal gynecologist with any questions or concerns that they may have regarding their condition and to further explore the available options.



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