Any doctor in the Kansas City area that is familiar with adhesions?

From: Jennifer Enright (
Sun Jun 11 17:10:46 2000

This is my first visit to this's great. I had an abdominal hysterectomy in May 1999. I was opened up again in January of this year because I was having so much pain on my left side. AFter using the lapascopy for several hours, my OB/GYN doctor decided to open me up because there were so many adhesions. I was pain free for about 6 weeks, now I'm right where I was again before they operated. My OB doesn't know what to do with me now, so I've gone to several general surgeons, only to be disappointed. The first surgeon told me to alter my diet and the second one told me that adhesions don't cause pain and sent me on my way. I live in the Kansas City, MO area and would love to know of any doctor in that area that's familiar with adhesions. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for any help. Jennifer

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