husband apologizes to me

From: toni welsh (
Mon Jun 12 20:32:38 2000

I know he is having alot of sorrow grieving over his father's death. But I told him I still need him. He said he was sorry.

I want to ask you girls who can answer me, I had a good bowel movement today, and the pelvic area is still swollen quite alot, the reason I see it so much is I have lost about 15 lbs during all this, and my stomach was flat. it shows alot, does this mean anything? I am so scared of the surgery, but I am still tossing it around, now the swelling in the stomach has me worried, it used to swell alittle, but after bowels moved, it was back to normal. Even after BBM this morning, it is still very swollen. I never am able to get alot of gas through, I can even feel it get stuck in there, and it stays there. But the swelling is scaring me. I thought I may see my gyn and see what he says. I know he will notice it, the GI dr pushed my the pelvic are, and did not say nothing but I told him it was very tender, then he said to have the barium enema, to see if you may have a blockage, and I chickened out AGAIN, I am SO scared of that test, I had a bad experience with one many years ago, and I will never forget it! I wish I had the nerve to tell the dr I am scared and see if there is another one he can do first, he mentioned three, but one sounded like the word sitz something, I do not know what the others are. I cannot have that test, what should I do, the last one was so bad! I know I should have it done.

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