Re: Endometriosis and adhesions years after hystrectomy

From: Peggy (
Wed Jun 14 06:54:03 2000

At Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Marty Herman wrote:


Yes it is possible to have a reoccurance of endometriosis after having a hysterectomy!! Are you on hormone replacement therepy? Have your Drs. checked your FSH and Estradiol levels? I have had a hysterectomy and both ovaries removed, Estradiol level was elevated so the Dr. feels there may be ovarian remnant that is producing estrogen, Endometriosis thrives on estrogen so even if you are on replacement estrogen it could be allowing the endometriosis to grow.And if there is endometriosis there could also be adhesions.But even if there isn't endo. you possibly have adhesions from the surgery. Was the hysterectomy abdominal or vaginal? Most likely abdominal, I don't think they were doing vaginal hysterectomies 15 years ago?I hope this helps, Peggy

>I am interested in finding out more about the possiblility that 15 years
>after a total hysterectomy, that the endometriosis could have returned
>at anytime in that 15 years and if adhesions from the endo and/or
>surgery could be causing chronic, severe pelvic pain for most of these
>15 years. Has anyone else had experience with this? I have been on pain
>medicaton for most of this time in order to function. Would like to
>find a better solution to the chronic pain. I have tried physical
>therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, and others.

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