Re: Any doctor in the Kansas City area that is familiar with adhesions?

Wed Jun 14 11:22:07 2000

> >Marla,

You can always ask him what Bev asked my does he think it would feel if his testicles were glued to his abdomen? We got a reaction from that one....along with the pain meds that I needed.


> >How can so many drs say adhesions do not cause pain! They sure do,
and > >we all know this, I wish more drs would believe us. It is a
frustrating > >thing to deal with when you see drs that feel that way.
> >
> >Toni
> My disability insurance required me to see a doctor of their
choosing. He > was an Occupational Therapy specialist (works with broken bones and
such) > and he had the nerve to tell me that pain was not a disability and
that he > thought I needed a Psych Evaluation. I wanted to whack him in the
belly and > see how well he functioned the rest of the day. Needless to say I'm
> appealing his diagnosis.
> Marla
> >

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