Re: Pain meds for adhesions?

From: Karla (
Wed Jun 14 20:51:35 2000


I take a combination of drugs for my pain....and still it is barely tolerable. The key to keeping things tolerable is to keep the drugs in your system. By that I mean that you alternate your drugs....always having something in your system so that you are not always trying to catch up. The most important drug I believe is the anti-inflammatory. As with anything else you need to address this issue with your doctors.....if they are unwilling to do so....then find someone that is. My pain management begins with vicodin or two every 4 hours. I then take ultram two hours later.....two every 6 hours. I also wear a duragesic 75 patch which I change every 2-1/2 days. Should I really need it I do have darvocet to take as well....but I have not resorted to that...I want to remain functional and believe that should if I added another narcotic I would not be at that level. At night I do have available to me either sominex for pain or an antianxiety medication. These I have chosen to shy away from as well. Like I mentioned to others yesterday...the best painkiller is this group and drawing from the strength of those who participate. Being to help other sufferers changes my focus from myself to helping those who need it. Perhaps you can find strength here as well. Don't get me wrong....I am not saying the pain goes is definetely there, but when we aren't thinking about it, it is easier to deal with.

Hope this helps.

Karla N.

>----- Original Message ----- From: Rachel <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 4:24 PM Subject: Pain meds for adhesions?

> What do some of you take for the meds related to adhesions. Until I > find a surgeon (and faith in procedures) that won't make the situation > worse, I'd like to find something that will ease the pain caused by this > crap. I now (believe) have rectal adhesions related to endometriosis. > Nothing seems to touch it. I've tried Soma, Darvon, Motrin. Any ideas? > Thanks! > Rachel >

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