Very kind friends

From: Lynne Brown (
Thu Jun 15 16:31:02 2000

Hi everyone.

I'm feeling better. You all made me cry more when reading yesterday's forum and my e-mails because you are all so kind.

Helen (Dynda) thank you so much for my birthday card it really was lovely and Helen (Chambers) thank you for writing to Skip Baker. There are so many of you I can't remember all your names.

Rachel, I take the following medication although you probably won't recognise the names:-

DHC Continus 60 mgs for pain, Acupan 30 mgs for pain, neurontin and amitriptylene, anti depressant.

We're going away for the weekend - Friday to Monday to Lusty Beg in County Fermangh. It's my favourite place in Ireland. Lusty Beg is an island, we leave our car and a boat takes us over where we will have a little lodge sitting right on Lough Erne. Apparently the weather is supposed to be good (I'm talking shorts coming out of storage good!!!) You yanks don't know how lucky you are weather wise!!

Anyway I feel like I'm being cuddled from around the world and I owe you all a lot for that.

Take care, see you Monday.


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