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From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Jun 16 11:24:54 2000

When you're down and you're out, **

And things don't go your way,

When life is a problem and

You can't seem to pray,

When there's bitterness, resentment,

Hatred and shame

Just say one more prayer

God is calling your name.

If you're under much stress.

Sorrow, grief or dispair,

When the world's coming down

And no one seems to care,

When love has departed

And it is more than you can bear

Just take one more look

God is standing right there.

When you're just giving up

And don't want to go on

And nothing makes sense

There's no joy and no down,

When your burdens are more

Than you think you can stand

Then open your eyes

God is holding your hand.

And with Him beside you

He'll lighten your way

Bringing hope to your future

With every new day.

All He asks is to listen

And watch out for Him there

And when you're least expecting

He'll answer that prayer.

God's given you this day

To be happy and live

And if you'll accept it,

He has much more to give

Now take one more look

At this life that's a chore

Turn around, walk with Jesus

He's opened the door!

* Created by Diane

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