Need advice today

From: toni welsh (
Fri Jun 16 09:49:03 2000

I am getting really concerned, so I reschedule the barium enema for next Friday, I have to get the courage to get this test behind me.

But the last three days I have taken akot of laxatives, and none of them are moving the bowels, I had 3 tablespoons the fist night of milk of magnesia, and it did nothing, so the second night I took 4 senekot, and two colace trying to not take so many senekot, it cramps me up so bad. Still no BM. I told me husband I have to get them to move so last night I took 5 senekot and 2 colace. I thought it was going to work earlier, but the pain was so hard it doubled me over, and it kept getting harder on my left side, I told my husband last night if this don,t work I will drive myself to ER. It feels like it is there, but I cannot get it out, and senekot always gave me a comfortable movement, usually did not hurt. What would you do? I am not sick, and no fever, but could it be a sign of partial blockage. The pain is worse too, I worry I had another family member die from obstruction last august, and he was told he had a blockage in the bowel, and he needed to see a general surgeon, and he put it off. one day he took his pill and that total;y obstructed his bowel. Gangrene set in and pertinitis, and 2 operations, he died the next day. This happened to my mother, they said her bowel died and operated 3 days in a row, gangrene set in and she did not make it. These drs of mine need to understabd why I am touvhy with this situation.


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