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I have not used Angel Flight.....but I do use AirLifeLine every time I fly down to Chicago. It is only a 4-5 hour drive for me...but something that I cannot handle. The flight down to Chicago takes a little more than an hour...and even though it is on small planes I feel safer than on a big plane. I know that the pilots are in control of their own maintenance and am aware that the chances of surviving a crash are greater in a little plane.

I have flown as far as to Baltimore using AirLifeLine. In that instance we stopped in Toledo and changed planes and pilots. It is such a wonderful program and they allow you to take someone with you. I have taken Bev with me to most of my appointments and I think that she would concur that it is an awesome experience.

I do not know about Angel Flight but Airlifeline flys into the little airport here in town and then lands at the airport closest to my destination in Chicago. It sure eliminates a lot of hassle.....and expensive cab fares in Chicago.


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The goal of Angel Flight Charitable Patient Medical Air Transportation Organization is: " ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for lack of a means of medical air transportation.

Perhaps someone has already been helped by Angel Flight - and will volunteer information about their experience. Someone mentioned Angel Flight to me some time ago - and I knew I needed to share this web site with all of you. All destinations of Angel Flight are listed here:


* Aeormedical Samaritan Ministry

* Aeromedical Transport for Veterans

* Angel Flight Central

* Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic

* Angel Flight Northeast

* Angel Flight Southeast

* Angel Flight South-Central

* Angel Flight West

* Children's Transport for Life

* Mercy Medical Airlift

* Patient-Ticket org

* Patient-Travel org

[] You will want to take a little time to learn about Angel Flight. Maybe Angel Flight will be able to help you. Here is the Url for Angel Flight:

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