Re: Need advice today

From: Kay Moran (
Fri Jun 16 14:49:29 2000

Dear Toni...

Please tell you doctor that you are afraid!

I use Metamucil twice a day to keep things moving.

You have good reason to be worried about obstruction.

You might have a chance to have a laparascopy instead of a laparatomy if you tell your doctor about your fear OR find a new doctor and tell him the whole story. If either doctor doesn't believe adhesions cause pain, keep looking.

Don't wait till you're on the way to the ER !!!

Kay in WI

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> I am getting really concerned, so I reschedule the barium enema for next
> Friday, I have to get the courage to get this test behind me.
> But the last three days I have taken akot of laxatives, and none of them
> are moving the bowels, I had 3 tablespoons the fist night of milk of
> magnesia, and it did nothing, so the second night I took 4 senekot, and
> two colace trying to not take so many senekot, it cramps me up so bad.
> Still no BM.
> I told me husband I have to get them to move so last night I took 5
> senekot and 2 colace. I thought it was going to work earlier, but the
> pain was so hard it doubled me over, and it kept getting harder on my
> left side, I told my husband last night if this don,t work I will drive
> myself to ER. It feels like it is there, but I cannot get it out, and
> senekot always gave me a comfortable movement, usually did not hurt.
> What would you do? I am not sick, and no fever, but could it be a sign
> of partial blockage. The pain is worse too, I worry I had another
> family member die from obstruction last august, and he was told he had a
> blockage in the bowel, and he needed to see a general surgeon, and he
> put it off. one day he took his pill and that total;y obstructed his
> bowel. Gangrene set in and pertinitis, and 2 operations, he died the
> next day. This happened to my mother, they said her bowel died and
> operated 3 days in a row, gangrene set in and she did not make it. These
> drs of mine need to understabd why I am touvhy with this situation.
> Toni

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