Back from surgery/Everything went well

Fri Jun 16 17:49:20 2000

Well, I am back from surgery. Everything went well. I am a "best case scenario" (knock on wood). They released me two days early.

My surgeon examined me and removed a large number of adhesions laproscopically. She concluded that these adhesions were not sufficient to have caused the obstruction. She then performed a laparotomy and found that the area from my previous resection had healed narrower than the rest of the bowel, causing a stricture or partial obstruction. She removed about 6 inches of bowel and a desmoid tumor.

My surgeon had never performed a laproscopic adhesiolysis before, although she had performed many other laproscopic procedures. I loaned her the tape Bev sent me and she looked at it to familiarise herself with the procedure. I chose to go with her because of the desmoid tumor mentioned above, another complication I won't go into here.

So far so good. Thanks for all the prayers, support, and green candles. I hope I can return the favor sometime.

Jim from Milwaukee

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