Re: Back from surgery/Everything went well

From: Richard Hagen (
Sat Jun 17 05:50:18 2000

Very good. My wife had the seprefilm. No benefit noted. We saw Dr. Wallace at Froetdert, surgeon. He did not want to operate.

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> My surgeon's name is Mary Otterson of the Division of General and
> Minimally Invasive Surgery at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. She is
> also an associate professor at the Medical College of WI. She teaches
> the laproscopic course to medical students. I'm sure she wouldn't mind
> the free advertising. I believe she also operates at the VA Hospital in
> Milwaukee.
> I forgot to mention that she installed Seprafilm as a precautionary
> measure. She does that routinely with all abdominal surgery patients.
> This will be the second surgery she has done one me in a year and I have
> every confidence in her.
> --
> Jim from Milwaukee

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