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Sat Jun 17 10:00:27 2000

I have added this link to my adhesions page.


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>Dear Friends: > >Just the other day I posted Skip Baker's website again, (ASAP) American >Society for Action on Pain. This is where I found assistance for pain >management as I found myself without a doctor to treat my pain from >adhesions. I was referred from this website to a wonderful caring >doctor in Virginia who helped me tremendously. I received an e-mail >from someone that was a silent IAS member who was in dire need of pain >management. By silent I mean she would come here to read the messages >but never posted herself (I'll see if I can persuade her to post her >story here). She has been suffering with adhesions for years, and >without proper pain medication would pass out from the pain. She had a >few problems filling out the form that must be sent to her state rep. so >I informed Skip Baker, the President of ASAP, and he is now assisting >her in getting to a state rep. in Texas. Let's wish her all the luck >in finding a doctor to assist her in proper pain management for her >adhesions. > >This is a wonderful website, we must always remember to keep it posted. >It would be wonderful if we had a direct link to it. > >-- >Helen Chalmers >

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