A few questions . . .

From: Jill (jillhumb@crosswinds.net)
Sat Jun 17 19:25:59 2000

Would it be painful to have someone palpate you where adhesions are? Every time my new doc palpates my upper quadrant, it really hurts bad, then hurts bad all night!!

So far all my tests are negative – we are awaiting the results of upper GI done on Friday – after that, my new gp will talk with gyn who did my hysterectomy (he also lised adhesions) and we will go from there. My new doc did not write off the chance that my pain may be from adhesions I was glad to hear that) – and he also said we might see about going in with a lap to look around.

Any suggestions on how to take that next step? If he wants a lap done, would that cause more adhesions? Would they try to lyse adhesions during the “scope”?

Thanks to you all-


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