Re: Back from surgery/Everything went well

Mon Jun 19 19:13:41 2000

The first surgery was in March 1999 and was a small bowel resection and a stictureplasty. The two resections were to relieve bowel obstruction caused by the desmoid tumor. The strictureplasty was to relieve internal bowel obstructions due scarring due to crohn's disease. When one of the resections healed it healed down to narrower than the rest of the bowel, causing anothe stricture. The repeated recurrence of stricture at the site of old surgeries is quite common in crohn's disease.

At Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Bernie and Beverly Doucette wrote: >
>If you don't mind, what was the first surgery she did on you this year and
>when? That is important to know so that we are not left thinking it is two
>adhesiolysis procedures in that time frame. :-)

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>> Very good. My wife had the seprefilm. No benefit noted. We saw Dr. Wallace
>> at Froetdert, surgeon. He did not want to operate.

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>> > My surgeon's name is Mary Otterson of the Division of General and
>> > Minimally Invasive Surgery at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. She is
>> > also an associate professor at the Medical College of WI. She teaches
>> > the laproscopic course to medical students. I'm sure she wouldn't mind
>> > the free advertising. I believe she also operates at the VA Hospital in
>> > Milwaukee.
>> >
>> > I forgot to mention that she installed Seprafilm as a precautionary
>> > measure. She does that routinely with all abdominal surgery patients.
>> > This will be the second surgery she has done one me in a year and I have
>> > every confidence in her.
>> >
>> > --
>> > Jim from Milwaukee
>> >

Jim from Milwaukee

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