Re: Your prayers are requested for Helen Chalmers and Beth S.

From: Marla (
Mon Jun 19 17:26:38 2000

I am laughing so hard I'm crying. I must tell you that two doctors (on separate occasions) prescribed medications for panic attacks. I do take them when the pain gets so much that I'm ready to climb the walls. They help the panic but do nothing for the pain. At least after I take one (Klonapin is my choice) it takes a half hour or so but then I can breathe again.


Beverly Doucette writes:

So the moral of this story is: If you stick to the rule, you'll soon have your stool, but stay with a glass or you'll suffer a royal pain in your --- A chuckle from Bev, who only at two REAL prunes by the way and was fine!!!!!!!!

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I third that response!!! I know for a fact that these ladies are in good hands -- look at Bev's outcome!!! You can almost feel the smile on her face beaming through the computer screen!!! "Lord who sees all and knows the outcome of everything, even though the surgeries could be over now, may it have been a success in every sense of the word and may the days that follow be an inspiration to us all, Amen."

Now, I am at peace with the knowledge that they will be fine and back on the Board any day now!!!

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Being that these ladies will be peeking in here soon, I would like them to know that I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers and ask GOD to guide Dr. Redan and Dr. Reichs hands during each surgery! May theyn both be reaping the benefits of a successful surgery soon....and a life of quality from this day on!! God Bless them and those surgeons!!


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Helen Chalmers ( <> )and Beth ( <> )are each scheduled to have surgery on June 19th. These ladies have been patiently waiting for this day arrive - and very soon it will be a reality! Both Helen and Beth made a very wise decision! They decided that they wanted the best chance for a successful surgery; so they chose two of the best laparoscopic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Harry Reich and his surgical partner, Dr. Jay Redan, who is a general surgeon. On May 1st Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan opened the very first adhesions unit in the United States at a hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Both surgeons are very skilled and very experienced in laparoscopic surgical procedures; and they share a special interest in trying to help the many unfortunate people who suffer with chronic pelvic pain as a result of adhesions, caused by prior surgeries.

Helen and Beth, you are in very good hands!! God be with you - and best wishes for your safe and successful recovery.

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