TENS unit for pain

From: Robin (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Thu Jun 22 08:35:51 2000

Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted here. I recently started physical therapy while waiting for something else to come along. I have gone to a pain clinic in El Paso, Tx a couple of times, I had a spinal shot that didnt seem to help except a very small amount, they thought I had a hernia, but I didnt. They think I have irritable bowel. I am now also being treated for irritable bladder, which has helped in that area, but I still have daily pain inspite of the duragisic patch & the vicodine for breakthrough pain(4-5 a day). I have recently had a ct scan & a bone scan, which virtually showed nothing (I say that because it showed I had some sort of apendix problem, but I had my apendix out 13 years ago) I am now using a TENS unit, which helps alot with my pain. I can use it about as much as I want. It really eases the pain. Has anyone else used this?? What were your results?? I am waiting for an appointment with a woman ob/gyn that used adhesion barrier in a woman that works at the hospital here with her scar tissue removal surgery. I just know if I could get someone to do the surgery & use some sort of adhesion barrier, it would help me so much. But of course, it seems like when I get close to surgery, I get shot down, again & again. Some days, I just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel & it is hard to keep going. love & wishes of wellness to all Robin


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