Pain, surgery, and the drug Zelmac

From: kay stocks (
Thu Jun 22 08:52:57 2000

Hello to everyone! I have been busy as of late preparing for my move to New Hampshire. What a chore! I am still experiencing pain and Right sided tenderness (soreness). I have found a surgeon right here in Vicksburg that does remove adhesions using a laser and Laproscope (sp?). I have talked to 2 women who also were suffering and had this surgery and are much better painwise for now. I saw the doctor and talked at length with him and feel that he is competent but........ I wonder about the fact that the adhesions have SENSITIZED my internal organs and it could be that the surgery will not help much because I feel everything!!!! that moves thru my bowels(kinda like sharp rocks).Anyway, I know that Zelmac(IBS drug) has been put before the FDA and I haven't been able to find that article or anymore in regards to the Zelmac drug. If anyone (Helen D.) can help me find the web sites with the info...I would be most grateful. As for having the laproscopic surgery.....I haven't made up my mind what to do. My window of opportunity grows short due to the upcoming move. I do not want to drive to New Hampshire and move into a place with very sore guts! They already hurt enough. Very depressing! Thanks for reading this long message and for any input. Kay in Vicksburg!

Kay stocks

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