Re: Prayers and messages of good cheer are requested for Robyne from Australia

From: Lynne Brown (
Thu Jun 22 16:05:26 2000

At Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Robyne <>, a member of the International Adhesions
>Society, is in need of your prayers and get well wishes! Robyne is from
>Australia. She will be undergoing a very difficult surgical procedure on
>Friday (see her letter below). Please keep Robyne in your prayers; and do
>what you can to brighten the difficult days which lie ahead for her! Best
>wishes for a successful surgery, Robyne!
>I received the following letter from Karla <> - in which
>she asked me to post a message requesting your prayers for her friend,
>Robyne. Karla does not seem to realize that she has expressed this request
>so much better than I can; because Karla's request comes from deep within
>her soul. Karla knows - from personal experience - what lies ahead for

Helen, >
>Below is a letter from Robyne in Australia and my response. She will be
>going through a very difficult procedure herself. They will be putting in a
>temporary ileostomy to see if it will help relieve her pain. If it does it
>may become permanent. I wonder if you could offer prayers for Robyne and
>ask that others send her good cheer. I am sure this is a very difficult
>time for her and know that she thrives on her messages from this group. I
>finally got her back on the she now gets all the messages.
>On June 22,2000: Karla <> replied to the message she
>received from Robyne Hinks <>
>I pray that everything goes well for you. It will be a very difficult
>procedure for you as well, I am sure. I would imagine it will take a
>minimum of about 10 hours....mine took 15....and they anticipate this next
>one being at least 10. They will be repairing my hernia, revising my
>urinary system and taking the muscles from the back and putting them into my
>stomach. May I ask how many surgeries you have had to repair hernias?
>Once again may God Bless you and be with you throughout your recovery.
>Please know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you.
>Love Karla
>On June 21, 2000: Robyne Hinks <> sent the following
>message to Karla <>
>Dear Karla
>Thanks for your help I am now receiving mail again. They postponed my
>surgery from Tuesday until tomorrow, Friday, because he wanted to spend more
>time with me as he has to cut me from sternum to pubic bone because of the
>mesh he put there to hold my hernia - also to get at all adhesions and put
>the ileostomy and a gastric tube in. He said I would wake up in intensive
>care as the op will take a few hours. I am really scared because I have
>already been on life support three times before and I am hoping that it will
>not be necessary this time. I would like to wish you all the best for your
>op in July; and please let me know how you get on. Love Robyne

Robyne, good luck and prayers are sent to you from Belfast. Hope I've caught you before you. God's ears must be burning!!


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