Re: Prayers and messages of good cheer are requested for Robyne from Australia

From: Marla (
Thu Jun 22 16:13:13 2000

Yes Robyne, I will set aside a special hour of meditation for you tomorrow. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you real soon with a report that things went better than expected.

Blessings Marla

-----Original Message----- From: Helen Dynda <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: Thursday, June 22, 2000 3:45 PM Subject: Prayers and messages of good cheer are requested for Robyne from Australia

>Robyne <>, a member of the International Adhesions
>Society, is in need of your prayers and get well wishes! Robyne is from
>Australia. She will be undergoing a very difficult surgical procedure on
>Friday (see her letter below). Please keep Robyne in your prayers; and do
>what you can to brighten the difficult days which lie ahead for her! Best
>wishes for a successful surgery, Robyne!
>I received the following letter from Karla <> - in
which >she asked me to post a message requesting your prayers for her friend,
>Robyne. Karla does not seem to realize that she has expressed this request
>so much better than I can; because Karla's request comes from deep within
>her soul. Karla knows - from personal experience - what lies ahead for
>Below is a letter from Robyne in Australia and my response. She will be
>going through a very difficult procedure herself. They will be putting in
a >temporary ileostomy to see if it will help relieve her pain. If it does it
>may become permanent. I wonder if you could offer prayers for Robyne and
>ask that others send her good cheer. I am sure this is a very difficult
>time for her and know that she thrives on her messages from this group. I
>finally got her back on the she now gets all the messages.
>On June 22,2000: Karla <> replied to the message she
>received from Robyne Hinks <>
>I pray that everything goes well for you. It will be a very difficult
>procedure for you as well, I am sure. I would imagine it will take a
>minimum of about 10 hours....mine took 15....and they anticipate this next
>one being at least 10. They will be repairing my hernia, revising my
>urinary system and taking the muscles from the back and putting them into
my >stomach. May I ask how many surgeries you have had to repair hernias?
>Once again may God Bless you and be with you throughout your recovery.
>Please know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you.
>Love Karla
>On June 21, 2000: Robyne Hinks <> sent the following
>message to Karla <>
>Dear Karla
>Thanks for your help I am now receiving mail again. They postponed my
>surgery from Tuesday until tomorrow, Friday, because he wanted to spend
more >time with me as he has to cut me from sternum to pubic bone because of the
>mesh he put there to hold my hernia - also to get at all adhesions and put
>the ileostomy and a gastric tube in. He said I would wake up in intensive
>care as the op will take a few hours. I am really scared because I have
>already been on life support three times before and I am hoping that it
will >not be necessary this time. I would like to wish you all the best for your
>op in July; and please let me know how you get on. Love Robyne

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