Robin - TENS unit for pain

From: Kay Moran (
Fri Jun 23 10:40:00 2000

Dear Robin...

I'm glad the TENS unit is helping you. I tried it once or twice, it didn't work.

I was told for 15 years that I had irritable bowel syndrome. It turned out that I was loaded with adhesions. Big Surprise Huh!! Could it have been the adhesions irritating the bowel??

Please go to Dr.Reich or Dr. Redan for adhesion removal. There are others mentioned on this forum. I'm going to Dr. Cook in New Orleans next week for adhesion removal. I can't recommend him yet, but I do know this:

1) If a surgeon has used adhesion barrier only once or twice, he/she doesn't have enough experience. You would be part of the learning curve.

2) Surgical technique is everything in adhesion removal surgery.

Also, until you find someone to help you surgically, you should NOT still be in pain. Go to It's a list of pain doctors across the country, lack of money is no barrier to getting help.

Good luck Kay in WI

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