Re: Adhesion Areas

From: Marla (
Sun Jun 25 06:18:25 2000

Renee I am new to this but from what I understand adhesions can form anywhere there has been trauma whether it is surgery or infection or whatever. And if you have them elsewhere then you are one who is prone to them so my answer is Yes, you might have adhesions in that area. Gather as much information as you can and take it to him. In the meantime check around for a different doctor. Preferably an Ortho who has experience dealing with adhesions? I have several search engines on my website for finding specialists in your area. Your problem is very real and if your current doctor doesn't want to deal with it FIRE him. Whatever you decide, don't let him go back in for a 'peek.' Laparoscopies cause just as much damage when you are adhesion prone as surgery.

Hope this helps and you get the treatment you need and deserve. Marla

-----Original Message----- From: Renee Madron <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: Saturday, June 24, 2000 11:52 PM Subject: Adhesion Areas

>About a year ago, I had to have a minor knee surgery, problem fixed,
>pain gone...I was hesitant about the procedure, greatly due to my
>present adhesion disease. I told my Orthopedic physician of my disease
>and he stated, that "adhesion’s forming in my knee was unlikely". What
>I wonder is, wouldn’t it stand to reason, that if one area of my body is
>grossly prone to adhesions, that another area would be as well? Like I
>said it has been about a year ago, the surgery was minor, but now I am
>experiencing a pulling and burning sensation within the area of the
>procedure. This disease is has pretty much destroyed the quality of my
>life thus far, what more must I, or anyone else endure, before this can
>be STOPPED!!!! I apologize for my discouraged attitude, but since my GYN
>killed himself May 10, 2000 and left me completely bewildered as to what
>to do and/or where to go next, I am a wreck waiting to happen. At any
>rate, if someone could help me out with the logic with this knee thing I
>would be grateful. Thanks, Renee Madron

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