Re: painful sex from adhesions

From: Marla (
Sun Jun 25 14:22:43 2000

I feel so bad for you Barbara. I don't have a bedmate but I do erm take care of my own business if you follow my drift. I will say that at first it was very uncomfortable, somewhat painful and there wasn't nearly enough room in there. But after each attempt it did become easier and better. But that's not lovemaking that is simply relieving the itch that won't be scratched. Sheesh I'm blushing at my age. Feels kinda good actually. I just wanted to give you some hope that it can get better with practice.


>well last night hubby was feeling really good so we tried sex for the >first time since Feb. and the first time since adheion surgery. the >pain was unreal all i could do was cry. i'm so glad my hubby is so >understanding he held me and said its ok. but i felt so bad like i'm >ruining everything. I never reliezed what these adhesions are taking >from me but now i do i want them gone for good now. thank you for >letting me vent. hugs to all > >-- >Barbara.... TAH 11/10/99 >Adhesion surgery 4/28/00 >

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