Advice needed

From: Kathie (
Sun Jun 25 14:20:16 2000

I had a C section 14 years ago. 10 years ago, after trying for another baby for two+ years, I was referred to a gynae who did a laporoscopy and told me that I had extensive adhesions from the C-section - so bad they couldn't see anything but suspected that this was the cause of my fertility problems. They told me that they would need to perform a hysterosalpingogram (sp!) to confirm this and I was then offered surgery to remove the adhesions. However the hysterosalpingogram seemed to have cleared the fallopian obstruction as I found out I had had become pregnant just 3 weeks before the surgery was scheduled and so it was cancelled. I had no further problems until about three years ago when I started getting what was diagnosed as colitis (bloating, abdominal pain etc) I am now having virtually continuous rt sided low pelvic pain - like some one is pulling at my insides and I have begun to have episodes of severe abdominal pain with constipation (the last bout lasted 24hrs without stopping and had me virtually doubled over the whole time unable to eat, sleep or do anything). My questions are - given the long period between my original diagnosis and the start of these symptoms, are they likely to be caused by the adhesions and, if they are caused by adhesions, can anything be done -everything on your site seems to suggest treatment is unavailable/pointless??

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