Re: Painful sex, pain clinics, and other scattered thoughts

From: Nancy (
Sun Jun 25 20:54:10 2000

Hello everybody. I think it must be the time of month for everyone to be off-center a bit, myself included.

Barbara, I for another can sympathize about painful sex. The last time we tried it left me in bed for two days. The pleasure just wasn't worth the pain.

As if that weren't bad enough, I went to my GP on Thursday after my horrendous visit to the general surgeon here in town (his opinion being that adhesions don't cause pain and I'm suffering from irritable bowel syndrome). My GP has agreed to send me to another surgeon for a second opinion, but she also wants to send me to the mental health clinic as she feels that my pelvic pain is being caused by a problematic relationship which is affecting my mental state. I'm sure a lot of the people reading this will think the same thing I thought - if she were restricted in everything she did including a satisfying sex life, would she not have problems with her husband and her mental state?

God help me, I never thought I would wish this misery on anyone, but I wish my GP would have adhesions for just one week.

As far as a pain clinic goes, the nearest one to where I live is about 4 hours away by car, and you have to be referred by your general practitioner. Since my GP seems to think the pain is all in my head, chances of her sending me to the pain clinic are slim to none.

Ah yes, I am supposed to take pride in the fact that "I am Canadian!" and we have free medicare - if you don't die or commit suicide while you're waiting for treatment.

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