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From: Jill (
Sun Jun 25 20:21:29 2000

Thanks again Marla

I look forward to your updated page. I too have limited insurance coverage - I'm really leaning toward a pain clinic right now, instead of having them cut me open again, which I fear will do more harm.

Any particular questions I might ask about the pain clinic he refers me too?


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>Thanks for the reply - > >My doc has suggested a pain clinic for me too - He is a very nice man, and >seems to really care.

That's great! But I can't emphasize enough. Make sure they know about treating adhesions. I thought I had found my perfect pain doc but after the research I've done this week I realize that she might be doing me more harm than good with these trigger point injections. It's just making the pain move to another area. So I'm shopping around again. I have limitations on what my insurance will cover and an even more limited budget when it comes to travelling but I'm checking out angelflight and skipb's panic information to see what else can be done. Please please - take a lesson from me and nip this thing in the bud. If I had had proper care when this first manifested the prognosis for recovery would have been much much better. The whole key is to stopping the cycle of pain and the run of the mill drugs simply don't do it. I've been though them all or at least a lot. <Groan> You've just reminded me that I've badly neglected my medications web page. I'll get to work on it first thing tomorrow. I wish I had something more to offer you but it's kinda the blind leading the blind. I'm stumbling through this maze too. You will be in my prayers.


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