Re: Robyne from Australia

From: Robyne Hinks (
Tue Jun 27 20:30:47 2000

To all my adhesion friends,Well here I am post-op not doing crash hot but will be fine.The surgery went for about seven hours and the first thing I said to my husband was Where am I ? and when he said "My bed" I was over the moon.I didnt have to go icu.The surgeon said everything went fine,but he did not take down all adhesions in the right hand pelvic area because he said that the cut bein on the right side of the middle made it difficult to get access to that corner plus my blood pressure was dropping too fast so he said when he reverses the ileosotomy he will definitely get them then.I have a marcaine epidural infusion in at the moment so caannot feel very much pain.However it has to come out today as it has been in five daysso I m not looking forwaard to that.I had to have a blood transfusion of four bags last night because I was rather flat.That went well but have got fluid on the lungs at the moment.They are giving me Lasix so Iam starting to feel a bit better.The gastric tube is working well and ileosotomy is also working so thats a good sign.He said the adhesions were "very extensive especially in the lower abdominal area but my neo-bladder was looking great.The crunch will come when I am free of the infusion and I start eating and see if I have pain.I was adding up the other day and realized that I havent had a meal since may 1999,just free fluids with some sloppy mashed potatoes and pumpkin.Well I am getting tirednow but I know that I wouldnt even be here at this stage if it wasnt for my international friends that have given me such courage to keep going on.Thank you again Love always Robyne.

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> Robyne,
> I am sure that you have had your surgery by now. I am also sure that you
> are most undoubtedly in the icu and cannot access your computer yet.
Please > know that my prayers for you are constant and that we are all thinking of
> you and wishing you nothing but the best. Don't worry about getting back
to > us right of way....however, if you have someone there reading your
messages > for them it would be greatly appreciated if they could send us a quick
line > to say you are okay.
> Take your time in recovering. Do not rush things. Just know that you are
> not alone!
> God Bless!
> Love,
> Karla

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> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 1:33 PM
> Subject: Robyne from Australia
> > Robyne - You have been on my mind all last night and today. I am hoping
> you
> > will have good things to report to us. I am sending lots of positive,
> > healing energy your way as well as praying for the medical team that is
> > treating you.
> >
> > Blessings
> > Marla
> >

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