RELATIONSHIP ISSUES...when you have a chronic illness

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Jun 29 01:54:45 2000

There is no question that every person, who suffers from adhesions, is set-up for stress. As a result of stress: 1.) we feel more pain, 2.) our lives become more difficult to live, 3.) our families are affected...and the list goes on and on. Perhaps the following articles will be of help to you:

1.) The Partner's Predicament - or What About the Men?

2.) MENDO...for men

3.) 10 Tips for Family Caregivers...scroll down and click: "Caregiving Tips" Ten Titles for Family Principles of Caregiver Empowerment

4.) Responding to Pain: To Those Who Live with Chronic Pain Patient

5.) A letter to Caregivers and the ones we love...A chronically ill woman shares her thoughts to her husband and other caregivers.

6.) When Friends Turn Away...We've all had the feeling of loss when people turn away.

7.) Husbands Share About Being a Caregiver...A wonderful article for both you and your spouse. Seven men discuss what they are going through and how they feel about it, as their wife's illness affects the family.

8.) A Mother's Love...Parenting when you have a chronic illness.

9.) A Son's Love...A letter from a son away at college to his chronically ill mother.

10.) When Your Souse Doesn't Believe You Are Ill...What happens when the one you most trust doesn't believe you either?

11.) When Caregivers & Spouses "Train Wreck"...An honest look at the difficulties in marriage when dealing with an illness.

12.) When A Friend Has A Chronic Illness: What to say...How to help

13.) Support for those living with Pain

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