From: Karla (
Thu Jun 29 00:52:07 2000

I know that this nothing to do with adhesions, but I was hoping that I could ask the group for some extra prayers today. My daughter is expecting her third child in November. She recently had an afp blood test done and an ultrasound and was told that she had a 1 in 25 chance of having a baby with trisomy 18. (With trisomy 18 many babies die before birth and of those that survive 90% die before reaching 1) Today she will be undergoing a level 3 ultrasound and possibly an amniocentisis. From my understanding the ultrasound should show some obvious defects.....but there is a chance that everything will look normal and the baby still have t18. Her ob has highly recommended that she have both so I don't know what she will decide. I don't know if she is hiding things or what....but I know that I have some major concerns. Anything less than 1/300 is considered high risk, but Nikki feels that 1 in 25 is still good odds....I cannot be that relaxed. I know that no matter what God will be there for us, but it sure doesn't hurt to know that others are praying for us as well.

Thanks to all,


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