Re: oophorectomy

From: Nancy (
Mon Sep 4 20:32:22 2000

I'm having trouble finding information. I've had four surgeries for endometriosis. The last two were to alleviate chronic pain and bowel problems. This last time, I had one ovary and one tube removed. Two months after the surgery, I felt great. I had no pain and no bowel problems. My OB/GYN suggested that I go back on birth control pills to prevent a recurrance of endometriosis. Well, that was three weeks ago and my pain is coming back. I'm wondering if the pills have anything to do with my pain. It is an awful cooincidence that the pain returned so quickly after I started the pills. Also, I have been spotting (heavily, sometimes) for 13 days. What I have been wondering is this. Since I only have one ovary, am I producing only half of the normal estrogen? If that is the fact, why would I need to be on birth control pills to control endometriosis? Wouldn't the reduced estrogen, in effect, keep a lid on the endometriosos?

I feel like I am the only person in the world having these problems. Does anyone know of any sources of detailed information. So much of what is available on the Internet is too simple. I'm stuck.

Thanks for any help.

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