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From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Sep 5 01:20:37 2000

Dear Nancy, Today, I posted the web sites of the Endometriosis Treatment Program of the St Charles Medical Center in Bend, of the best endometriosis treatment centers in the USA - and also one of the best endometriosis sites on the Internet. Take some time to read through all of the web sites, which I have listed there - so that you really understand what endometriosis is all about. I did not include all of the titles - so there are many more topics for you to read there.

Since you have been diagnosed as having endometriosis in the past, just because you have had surgery for endometriosis does not mean that your surgeon was able to excise every speck of endometriosis within your pelvic cavity.

The surgeons, who are the BEST endometriosis specialists, believe that EXCISION SURGERY is the best and the only way to attack endometriosis. Dr. David Redwine has written an article called: "A Better Approach to Endometriosis." Read what he has to say about this procedure.

By the way the best endometriosis specialists DO NOT believe in drug therapy for endometriosis...including Lupron and all of the others!!!

I have some additional suggestions for you:

1.) Consider becoming a member of the Endometriosis Association ( EA ), if you are not already a member. Their information is the best there is on endometriosis!! Through the EA you can purchase books, pamphlets, audio tapes,and videos. The EA also has a list of OBGYNs who specialize in Endometriosis - and if you are a member, they will send you a list of endometriosis specialists from the state where you are from.

2.) The Endometriosis Pavilion the current month.

3.) If you would like to get a Dr's opinion of your endometriosis problem, try the Women's Health Forum

4.) The pain which you developed after surgery could be as a result of adhesions!! Surgery begets adhesions!! So stay with us at the Adhesions Forum too because adhesions and endometriosis are considered to be: ADHESION-RELATED DISEASES ( ARD ). You will find both education and support here!!!

5.) I encourage you to read the message I posted on Sunday, if you already haven't. The title is: Adhesion-Related Diseases ( ARD )...Important information!!!

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At Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Nancy wrote:

I'm having trouble finding information. I've had four surgeries for endometriosis. The last two were to alleviate chronic pain and bowel problems. This last time, I had one ovary and one tube removed.

Two months after the surgery, I felt great. I had no pain and no bowel problems. My OB/GYN suggested that I go back on birth control pills to prevent a recurrance of endometriosis.

Well, that was three weeks ago and my pain is coming back. I'm wondering if the pills have anything to do with my pain. It is an awful cooincidence that the pain returned so quickly after I started the pills. Also, I have been spotting (heavily, sometimes) for 13 days.

What I have been wondering is this. Since I only have one ovary, am I producing only half of the normal estrogen? If that is the fact, why would I need to be on birth control pills to control endometriosis? Wouldn't the reduced estrogen, in effect, keep a lid on the endometriosos?

I feel like I am the only person in the world having these problems. Does anyone know of any sources of detailed information. So much of what is available on the Internet is too simple. I'm stuck.

Thanks for any help.

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