A prayer for my family

From: Renee Madron (1renee2@gte.net)
Wed Sep 6 16:41:43 2000

Hello to my IAS family. I just wanted to check in and leave a prayer for everyone...

A Prayer for Overcoming Difficult Times

Dear God, Please help me overcome this difficult time in my life. Help me to see Your light shinning through the darkness of this moment. I need to know that you will help me to prevail over these troubling times, and know that you will not present me with obstacles I cannot overcome. Remind me that better days are within my reach, and help me obtain them. Amen

This is unrelated to my adhesion disease, but Im in need of prayer. Im enthralled in much turmoil in my personal life at this time, with no relief in site. The only way I can explain it is...Emotionally, I am a wreck. Spiritually, I need much prayer. Mentally, stable, but in fight, flight, and survive mode. So Please, anyone that has a spare minute this evening, I would appreciate your lifting my family and me up in prayer. Thanks so much, Hugs your friend

Renee Madron
Richmond, Indiana

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