Re: A prayer for my family

Tue Sep 12 15:26:42 2000

My prayers are with you Toni. You are not alone. My insurance company cancelled me after surgery leaving me with $50,000 in med bills, no insurance for my whole family. So along with the adhesion battle I have a legal battle as well.

I have been to much counceling over the past 2 years and want to share with you regarding your kids. Kids that never go through anything grow up shallow, and we may not pick our battles, but we grow from them. For instance, it may be your child or mine that grows up to be the Dr. to find the cure for adhesions!!

Husbands get upset over the bills, lack of sex, etc., but also the fact that they can not fix the situation. They don't like the lack of control and helpless feeling when they can't make us better. And if your husband is anything like mine, sometimes it comes out in anger at silly things that are not that big of a deal.

So God bless you and your family. I pray you find a Dr. who is wonderful in knowledge and compassion.


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