TONI constipation

Sat Sep 9 19:36:05 2000

Toni, flax seeds cost 2.99 a pound and you use 2 tablespoons for 6 cups of water. It works better than a stool softner. Makes your stool soft. You can get them at your local health food store. Maybe I confused everyone with telling you about all the other stuff I am taking also. All you need to take is the flaxseed juice in some juice and I can almost garrentee that you will start going. I remember someone else suggesting this a long time ago and I paid no attention but now that I have done it I know it was a god send. No stool softener has ever worked for me and mineral oil isn't good for us and did not always work because I couldn't get enough down. Please try it. It also got the gas out of me so I don't have the pressure going on inside of me. WORKS FOR ME !!!! The recipes are on my last post. Can anyone else confirm that this WORKS. Love ya , Jaynie

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