Re: Prayers for Robyne...she will be having surgery tomorrow...

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Mon Sep 11 11:52:55 2000

My prayers go out to you and I ask our loving father to guide the hands of your surgeon, Robyne! May you be blessed with a happy healthier life!


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> Dear International Adhesions Society members and Friends,
> Robyne Hinks ( ) - from Australia - will be
> undergoing surgery tomorrow, September 12th.
> With your prayers, her surgeon's skill, and God's help, Robyne will be
> able to enjoy a much better quality life. Please keep her in your
> prayers.
> Best wishes that your surgery will be a success - and that it won't be
> long before you are able to go home to be with your family.
> Love, Helen
> At Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Karla wrote:
> Robyne,
> I pray that all goes well for you. I know that it must be very hard for
> you to keep your chin up.....I was in the hospital for six months and
> nine months straight, two years in a row. Please know that God is with
> you and while you may question whether he is working in your best
> interests.....know that he is. He is always by your side and wants
> nothing but the best for you. Be strong. My thoughts are with you
> every day!!!!
> Love, Karla
> At Mon, 11 Sept 11,2000, From: Robyne wrote:
> Dear Friends I am going through big surgey tomorrow.I have not been home
> now for about five months and am finding it hard.I have had some severe
> abcesses around the stoma which sent me back to theatre several times in
> the past month so they have decided to take me back to theatre tomorow
> and take the large bowel out and sutire the small bowel to the
> rectum.While that heals I will have a temproary stoma on the left
> side.The operation takes place tomorrow at Two o'clock Australian time
> and will take about four hours.I am really scared about this one as I
> have not been well for some time .I will be posting back here in about
> five daysI should be able to sit in front of my computer and send yo all
> the results by then.Even though I hsve not posted much I download
> through e-mail all of your messages and read everyone.Love always
> Robyne.

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