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Tue Sep 12 14:22:42 2000

RE: MiralaxThis stuff sounds almost like golitely! You know the stuff that they give you before surgery that tastes so awful. I, myself, cannot take it. They all think they know better and order it for me. I will start to vomit it up....then they put in an NG tube and pour it down there (oh so much fun)....then the vomitting gets worse. I think I need to add this to my allergy list or something...just to get them to stop prescribing it.

I have been having an awful time with pain. I can hardly even move without pain ripping through my abdomen. My babies can't even lay their heads on my lap and I get extreme pain. My pcp asks me what he can do about it. He thinks they are taking way too long to do my surgery (I think so too, but then again I don't want to go through what I just went through again). I told him he needs to contact the surgeon and have him get moving. I don't think he has done that yet because I asked that they let me know when he does.

Yesterday I got a phone call from the surgeon's office. They received my heart cath report and want me to go down there and see a pulmonologist now. I don't know if I told you the results of the cath before, but there were no blockages at all. There were some elevated pressures in the left heart due to hypertension. There were also some mildly elevated pulmonary pressures in my right heart. The cardiologist didn't mention much about this when he gave me the results, but my pcp told me that I have mild primary pulmonary hypertension. I believe it is related to my having taken the phenfen, but being able to prove that while I am in the middle of settlement negotiations already is going to be difficult. Anyway, I have to fly down to see the pulmonologist on Monday. That indicates to me that they are at least concerned about the results of this test and maybe they will order the proper treatment. I do know that one of the treatments is being put on a calcium channel blocker...something I have already been on for several years. Perhaps that is why I am so lucky to only have mild pulmonary hypertension. I have lost many friends from my phenfen support group due to pph. It is a very devastating disease. The sooner I can get the proper treatment the better my chances at staying mild are. It is a shame that all physicians don't take things seriously, but then perhaps Dr. Zachary is more in tuned to my case because he almost went into cardiac arrest along with me! When I did call to schedule the appointment I was a little taken aback....they told me that they would be running a few little tests to see if they could even do my surgery. I don't like hearing these things...but then I am not going to allow myself to even be depressed about it until they tell me no. I can't go through all the ups and downs I'll stay up!

Love and Best Wishes to all,


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I have TWO bottles of Miralax and it was gosh-darn awful!!!!! I have gotten to the point I don't like lemonade or 7up or sprite!!!

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Has anyone here taken Miralax? My GI dr gave it to me awhile ago, and I cannot seem to get it down, he said it is safer than the senekot at the high doses I take, it has been a week now for bowel movement, as always the only way I seem to go is to take senekot, and if it does not work, I take an enema.


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