( 1.) Arranging travel to Germany for surgery...

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Sep 12 22:16:40 2000

We, Beverly Doucette ( USA ) and Mary Pomroy ( Canada ), are sharing information which we have put together as a resulted of our trip to Duisburg, Germany for Mary's adhesiolysis, with Dr. Matthias Korell as her surgeon.

If you are interested in contacting Dr. Korell about the possibility of having an adhesiolysis ( surgery for adhesions ) in Germany, please contact Bev at: bnb@cybrzn.com .

* * * * *

1 A.) PASSPORT : You will need a passport - NOT a visa - when going to Germany! You will find all information - as to how to secure a passport - at the following web site :


To secure a passport, you need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate - which you can secure at your county court house. It may take up to two months to secure your passport. If you need a passport sooner, you can expedite (hurry up) the process for an extra fee.

Your passport will be checked at all airlines - as you leave the countries and re-enter them. The only time you will need your passport - to go through an actual immigration check - will be as you leave Germany; and again upon entering the USA. So be sure to keep your passport handy at all times!!

* * * * *

2 A.) AIR FARE : A round-trip ticket to Dussledorf is best; because Dusseldorf is only about 15-20 minutes from the hospital in Duisburg. The hospital will provide transportation to and from the airport at no charge to you!

Air fare is very expensive during prime-time months (May - October). During off-season months (November 1st - April) a round trip ticket is very reasonable. Call your travel agent for information about round trip air fare to Dusseldorf and also about the time of your flight's departure.

Pack lightly for your trip! We can discuss this issue on a need-to-know basis.

The trip to Germany will take about 8 hours. You will be traveling forward in time going to Germany - which means that you will lose about 8 hours. So if you can catch some shut eye on your flight, then you will be pretty well adjusted to the time difference upon your arrival in Germany.

The hospital will provide transportation to and from the airport...at no charge!

* * * * *

3 A.) CUSTOM'S CHECK : You will NOT have to go through a custom's check when you arrive in Germany ( only when you return to the USA ).

* * * * *

4 A.) CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE : The German Deutsche Mark ( DM ) is worth about one-half the value of the US dollar. For example: $100 in US currency is equal to 200 DM - depending upon the rate of currency exchange at the time.

Please note: Dr. Korell would prefer his payment in a Cashier's Check or a Money Order upon his patient's return home!!!

The Deutsche Mark is used in Germany, the Gillder is used in the Netherlands, and the Eurodollar can be used anywhere in Europe! When making sure to take enough smaller bills, you will find it very easy to travel freely! Mary and I learned the hard way.

Conversion of money is easy to understand! If you need help, Mary or I can assist you in securing Deutsche Marks to pay the hospital

* * * * *

5 A.) INSURANCE : Some insurance policies have a clause which will cover some out-of-country medical expenses. Check with your insurance company to see if your policy includes benefits for out-of-country medical expenses.

* * * * *

6 A.) THE WEATHER IN GERMANY IN NOVEMBER : Bev says that she and Mary were told that the weather is the same almost all year long - about 55-60 degrees - and sort of rainy. Some German people said that the weather ( this year ) has been different and colder from other years. The weather all over the world seems to be different this year!! Bev said that sweat suits would be the norm - actually, " Green Bay Packer " sweat would be great!!!!!!! :-)

* * * * *

Have a safe trip and ENJOY EUROPE while you are there!! You can do that very easily - and you can't beat the hotel rates nor especially the fact that you are going to be returning home WELL!!

* * * * *

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