Re: new here - worried about adhesions

Wed Sep 13 21:56:36 2000

There are some articles on this network that can explain alot. your symtoms are exactly the same as mine. Only I've had multiple surgeries to take them down and they return worse. Be careful about any more surgeries. Visit Dr. Cooks archives use Keyword Dr Cook and go to the archives or frequently asked questions for a start. Anytime Dr.s touch tissue internally it seems to have a very negative result. Can this be your pain? oh yes. My last surgery the doctor punctured a hole through my bowel as adhesions covered the bowel and attached it to abdominal wall. That was devastating as a long hard drug ridden recovery and multiple er visits resulted sending our finances into unbelievable debt. My family life has been severly damaged as a result of the pain mood swings from meds, the doctor who punctured the hole abandoned me because he said it was not the source of my pain and made me look like a drug, ie narcotics addict. I've never been adicted to anything but this can devastate you emotionally, labled this way. Many doctors now understand the pain it causes, no easy answers, I'm on my way to a pain clinic tomorrow to help me deal with all aspects of this devastating problem. I take them when needed and they make me sick, then have minnie withdraws when not needed. Remember narcotics are essentially opiate based and thats basically heroin. The most addictive substance there is. The minnie withdraws are the worst, sometimes worse than the pain itself. I would keep educated on this network, When you get to Dr. Cook click on Ask Dr. Cook and there is a menue , click on adhesions and theres a three part series. No answers really viable but information on the disease itself, steer clear of interceed and gortex they cause more problems. I'm no doctoer but have fought this for years, and now am told long term pain control necessary and tears possible, if intestines are locked together and attached. Then you have trouble. Not an expert, just my experience, also use keyword Adhesive disease, or adhesions under health for other sources. The Womens Journal is helpful and info on endometriosis is helpful as it adresses adhesions as well. I've almost given up. Lost my husband, mood swings from drugs, I pray for a miracle as thats pretty much all I have left. Good luck feel free to contact me at It's interesting to me that your pain is lower right quadrant as well, might check out with your doc on the possibility of intercyctial cystitus. They have a Society as well. You might write ti Dr. Buttrick in Overland Park Kansas as he is very knowledgeable. He works out of Kansas City Womens Clinic. Don't know the legalities of giving out his address but he is listed .

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