flaxseed taste

From: JAYNIE JARVIS (hipJAYNIE@webtv.net)
Thu Sep 14 12:16:51 2000

It has no taste just like the mineral oil. It is kind of thick but mixes better than the mineral oil in the orange juice. Not good but not bad either. This last week I have not been drinking water so therefore my stools have not been as soft. Remember to drink some water too. My bowels are not as inflamed as they were but still inflamed. I ordered some powdered acidophilis (sp) that will take care of any yeast and help the inflammation. I saw on dateline or some show that there is only a few companies that really have all the active acidophilis (sp.) in it. And of course I can't find what I wrote it on but am picking mine up today so will get back to you on that. Good luck my friend, Jaynie

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