Re: Adhesion pain

From: Deb Stevens (
Sun Sep 17 13:52:02 2000

Beth, I can completely understand what you're going through! I've been in pian management for 2 years and all of a sudden the pain increased dramatically! I'll be checking out the doctors out here in PA! There is a doctor in HAckensack! I don't remember his name but I'm sure that one of hte others will let you know! Try to keep your chin up, even though I know it's hard~ Deb At Sun, 17 Sep 2000, beth maugeri wrote: >
>Im glad i found your site!!! I think it may help me alot. this past 2
>yrs ive had 5 operations originally a hysterectomy because of
>endometriosis that has givin me fibroids the size of grapefruits. the
>2nd the inscicion herniated then that rapair with meshing got infected i
>lived with the infection for 6 months and then had the incision cleaned
>out and was on iv antibiotis through a gross-young catheter...then in
>may i developed more tumors on my left ovarie and that was removed. Now
>1 month ago i developed terrible pain in my right side and the pain is
>progressing its under my ribs and after numerous tests all they found
>was some fat deposits on my liver. Now my family doctor who is great is
>thinking of adhesions....He has me on strong pain meds..but wants to do
>a upper gi series witch i think is just going to put me through another
>week of pain and this pain is so severe that even another minute is more
>than i can bear to think of. I live in NJ and am happy to read there
>are specialists in PA that maybe can help me....this pain is
>progressive...i cant sit comfortably
>and so i belive that something major is definatly being affected by the
>adhesions. At least the good thing for me is that my Dr knows me well
>and knows i truly am in great pain and admits he doesnt quite know what
>to do for me....can anyone help???

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