From: Linda Halford (
Sun Sep 17 21:22:09 2000

Dear Deb,

What is a Synchromed Infusion System? My pain specialist has suggested the Morphine Pump implant. I had my abdomen secured with "Dura Mater" after it herniated a thrid time. Dr. Bernd-Uwe Sevin a Mayo Clinic OBgyn/Oncologist surgeon performed it.

I would not want to have surgery to remove adhesions if it is not a permanent solution. From what I have learned about Dr. Reich's "Adhesionlysis" procedure, adhesions do not return. His theory is "the solution to the pollution is dilution." This makes sense to me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!

Linda Halford, Jacksonville, FL

>From: "dstevens" <> >Reply-To: >To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS ><> >Subject: HELP ME PLEASE >Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:43:05 -0500 > >HI! My name is Debbie and I have the same concerns as many of you do! First >how does one know when to actually go through another surgerical procedure >and with whom? I had adhesions removed in 1988 and was painfree until 1998! >At that time I had a Labroscopy that removed major sheaths of adhesions >(pictures shown had no view of any organs as the adhesions were so thick!). >Then 2 months later I had a hernia operation, the doctor used the Sepramesh >to patch it. I had some relief for a couple of weeks, not painfree-just >relief, then I had increased pain! Eventually I had a laproscopy which I >had my right ovary removed and more adhesions removed!! I was put on Lupron >therapy as there were signs of Endometriosis. I was told I could be on >Lupron for only 6 months when it was terminated the pain became >excrutiating again. Then this past Nov I had a hysterectomy done, which >should have killed the pain as I was told that my left ovary was completely >imbedded in my pelvic bone!! The doctor did use Interceed to help stop >future adhesions! But unfortunately I had no relief!! Now I have been >without a job for almost a year as the pain has held me from being able to >do much activity, be it sitting, standing, or walking, the only position >that I have relief is in a lounging position with my legs up!! Now my >question: Will I ever be able to rid of this problem and get back to a >normal life?? My pain specialist is considering placing a SynchroMed >Infusion System in my body! The problem I see with this is the knowledge >that I'll be returning for miny surgeries every couple of years to replce >the product when the battery dies!! Currently I am fighting to get >disability and have been worned that it will be a hard fight. They give me >an attitude with the assessment as we know the old school says adhesions >don't cause pain!!!! If one goes through another operation, which can cause >more adhesions, how can it be diagnosed that it's adhesions causing the >pain unless they go operate again to see if that is causing the pain??? As >I see it, I'm getting into a cycle of operations to see if I still have >adhesions and if whatever barrier is useed actually worked!! >PLease help give some confidence or support that if I do have another >operation the pain will subside!! >Thanks >Deb

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