From: Linda Halford (
Mon Sep 18 18:14:49 2000

To the Support Group:

Although I am unable to afford the up-front money at this time to have the "Adhesiolysis" procedure with Dr. Reich, I cannot began to say how grateful I am to have found this wonderful group of people to interact with. It is my insurance BC/BS Federal that is at fault for my not being in a position to have the surgery. These fine doctors, Reich, Redan and Korell are not being fairly by the insurance companies. We pay thousands of dollars a year to these large companies, only to be denied adequate coverage for surgery that could actually save our lives. The Federal Office of Personnel Management will hear from me about BC/BS's denial to pay appropriate compensation for this procedure. OPM is an advocate for Federal Employees.

Doctors who specialize in a particular area deserve to be recognized by these multi-billion dollar insurance companies for what they are doing for patients. Some of those giants who make decisions may one day be in a position where they will be suffering from the excruciating pain of adhesions. Then, perhaps they will seek these doctors help and realize the benefits.

Thanks to all of you. It means a lot to have others to share my dilemma with. God Bless Everyone.

Sincerely, Linda in JAX, FL

>From: "Bernie and Beverly Doucette" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: DR. REICH & DR. REDAN
>Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:59:32 -0500
>To all:
>This posting is correct in that this group does not offer financial grants
>or aid to its members at this time. All persons who are offering anything
>that is directly related to education, support, ideas, experiences,
>referrals are all volunteers. Most suffer from ARD themselves and have had
>to find their own means of financial assistance for their own surgeries.
>Many of the volunteers use their own moneys to accommodate the requests and
>needs of others who ask for various assistance.
>This group offers education and much needed support, as well as sharing of
>personal experiences in hopes that it may offer guidance and or spare
>someone from adding insult to injury at times. We have no funds to give
>that is true, but then that doesn't mean we wouldn't share ideas as to how
>to fund a surgery, as we have done that for many in the past, and it did
>offer them the opportunity to secure a surgery with Dr's Reich & Redan!
>If all one is looking for is to have their way paid for a surgery, then
>isn't the group to address for that. I agree. But to date, I haven't seen
>anyone who walked into this group with their hand out...everyone has asked
>what can they do to help themselves ...and that meant to help themselves in
>many ways, not only in seeking a surgery be it with Reich, Redan or Korell.
>What is really sad is that this person seems to be frustrated and
>the anger here...could it be " SUE " from the survivor series??? Hmmmmm
>sounds like it!
>Laughter is still the best medicine..please have a good evening !

>>----- Original Message ----- From: anonymous <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 12:04 PM
>Subject: DR. REICH & DR. REDAN
> > For all you hopefuls, don't get discouraged but if you don't have
> > financial help don't bother contacting this group! Also I have found out
> > that there was an operation in June that already had to be redone! There
> > are some of us that just make adhesions 8(( We need to make the best of
> > what we can!
> >

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