From: Terri Lynch (
Mon Sep 18 18:48:47 2000

To the person who doesn't have enough guts to tell us who you are or the whole truth. The truth is if it wasn't for the women in the ias I don't think I would be getting the information that has been to benefit me. As far as money, this is a support group as I understand it and they help you with questions and support. If you took the time to talk to them you would realize the impact they are having on peoples lives and that to criticize for not helping financial. Well if you would listen they would help get you in the right direction. So God really needs to work in your life. You have allot of anger to talk about and judge people. I thank all the women on ias. you are a support and inspiration to us all. that we are all in this together and with a group and so many of us we can accomplish lots where we need it as in you ladies...thanks for what you all have done for me. -----Original Message----- From: anonymous <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: Monday, September 18, 2000 10:04 AM Subject: DR. REICH & DR. REDAN

>For all you hopefuls, don't get discouraged but if you don't have
>financial help don't bother contacting this group! Also I have found out
>that there was an operation in June that already had to be redone! There
>are some of us that just make adhesions 8(( We need to make the best of
>what we can!

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