Re: Dr R & R

From: toni welsh (
Thu Sep 21 09:28:11 2000

At Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Robin wrote: >
>I am using the patch. It gives you 24 hour pain medication. It has
>been wonderful to have it. It will take a day or so to really build up
>in your system. I havent noticed any change in regards to bowel
>movements. I have been on the patch for 4-5 months. I still have alot
>of break through pain, so I also use Vicodin & Eqegisic. I didnt notice
>that it made me tired or any other reactions to it. You should at least
>try it. I always put it on my arms, that is the best place for me to
>have it.
>Best of luck
>At Thu, 21 Sep 2000, toni welsh wrote:
>>I have not had alot of time to be here, my sister just got out of the
>>hospital, she has crohn's disease, like does my son, and she was in for
>>pancreitis this time, she came home yesterday.
>>I still am having alot of pain, and no bowel movements, and that is
>>getting to me, the stabbing pain is back, and now the meds from pain
>>clinic seem to not help as much. I saw her yesterday, and she
>>prescribed the fentanyl patch, and for some reason I am afraid to try
>>it, I have fears of having reactions to new drugs, and also dread any
>>withdrawels from any of the drugs.
>>I take trazadone, neurotin, and oxycontin, and she gave me the patch
>>thinking it would help some with the constipation, since the medicine
>>goes through the blood stream, and not through the bowels. Is there
>>anyone ever been afraid to try new drugs, I was wondering if anyone has
>>had relief from the patch.
>>Thank you all, and I have been thinking of all of you!
>>Love to all,

Robin, what is the other med you mentioned , not the vicodin, the other one? I had never heard of it!

take care, toni

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