Re: Experts in Pittsburgh, PA

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Thu Sep 21 11:25:19 2000

> >Thank you for the information Sue Ann. Did Dr. Sanfilippo have to do a
laparotomy or was he able to do the scope surgery? I was hoping not to have to have major abdominal surgery again if I can help it. >

He did a laparoscopy. But my adhesions were not nearly as severe as most of the people on here, so that could make a difference. And whether the intergel is ever approved for general use in this country is still up in the air. I haven't checked up on that lately.

And in answer to another post: Dr. Reich and Redan do not operate in Pittsburgh, but recently opened a practice in Scranton, PA. I think the other poster might have meant to put PA, not Pittsburgh.

Sue Ann

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